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Special Projects & Clean Up

Unlock Financial Clarity With Special Projects & Clean Up

Financial Analysis Service in Liberty, NC, and Surrounding Areas

Is your bookkeeping in disarray? WJD Bookkeeping is here for you with financial analysis service in Liberty, NC. My special projects and clean-up service will revamp your financial records. Whether you need help with accounting inventory, bookkeeping clean-up, or business records storage, I’ve got you covered. My financial analysis services will also support you in conducting a detailed analysis of your business finances. With over 25 years of experience, my customized service packages provide you with the financial clarity needed to make informed decisions for your business’s future.

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Revitalize Records

Gain Financial Insight and Control

My services will not only declutter your records but also equip you with vital insights. Make data-driven decisions with ease, and bolster your business’s financial health. WJD Bookkeeping specializes in financial analysis service in Liberty, NC. My systematic approach empowers businesses by:

  • Streamlining accounting inventory for informed purchasing decisions
  • Cleaning up bookkeeping for enhanced financial record accuracy
  • Safeguarding business records storage for reliable data retrieval
  • Offering in-depth financial analysis services for strategic decision-making

Learn About Pricing

Here is my base pricing for bookkeeping services, however, I can also provide custom pricing packages based on the needs of your business:


    • Record & post financial transactions (up to 100 per month)
    • Reconcile bank accounts & credit card accounts (2 total)
    • Reconcile loans & record interest, depreciation, payments and update balances
    • Prepare financial reports monthly, quarterly and annually (Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash flow report)
    • Monthly video chat to review financials and discuss questions & concerns
  • PLUS $750/MONTH

    In addition to everything in the Essentials package:

    • Record & post financial transactions up to 250 transactions per month
    • Process invoices for your customers
    • Process accounts payable OR pay the bills
    • Receive payments and track revenue
    • Reconcile bank accounts and credit card accounts (up to 4 accounts)
  • ELITE $1000/MONTH

    In addition to everything in the Essentials package:

    • Record & post financial transactions (unlimited)
    • Process payroll
    • Prepare and file payroll taxes (941s)
    • Prepare payroll reports
    • Consult & advise on budgeting and review benchmarks