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Frequently Asked Questions!

  • How do I know if I need a CPA or a bookkeeper?

    Bookkeepers handle daily financial transactions, maintaining records of purchases, sales, receipts, and payments. They manage tasks like payroll, tax filings, and financial statements. CPAs, as licensed professionals, have in-depth education and can perform specialized tasks such as audits and complex tax filings.

    In short, bookkeepers handle regular financial maintenance, while CPAs take on complex financial operations. If your financial transactions require expert handling or representation before tax authorities, a CPA is essential. For expert bookkeeping services, feel free to reach out to WJD Bookkeeping.

  • What accounting software do you use?

    As a bookkeeper, I am a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor, having undergone rigorous training by Intuit. Quickbooks Online is my go-to software due to its wide adoption and user-friendly features.

  • Can you provide bookkeeping services for non-profits and churches?

    Absolutely! I have extensive experience in offering bookkeeping services to churches and non-profits. Having worked in church operations before establishing my business, I have a strong affinity and understanding of this domain.

  • What if I have neglected my bookkeeping for months?

    Worry not! I specialize in historical clean-ups, where I meticulously sort through all your transactions and bring your records up to date. This process is time-intensive and requires an in-depth analysis, hence it comes at a premium.

  • How do you ensure the accuracy of your work?

    I employ Quickbooks to help monitor for inconsistencies such as duplicate entries. Additionally, I rigorously review my work and have it verified by a secondary reviewer for utmost accuracy. The nature of accounting mandates a balanced outcome, which is what I always strive for.

  • How do you maintain client confidentiality?

    Working in a private office ensures no prying eyes or ears. Hard copies of financial documents are securely stored in locked cabinets. For electronic communication, I use Liscio, a secure platform far more reliable than conventional email. Contact WJD Bookkeeping for confidential and secure bookkeeping services.